Place: Tottenham
Diocese: London
Parish Priest: Fr James Hill
Address:St Benet Fink Vicarage, Walpole Road, Tottenham, LONDON, N17 6BH

Phone: 020 8888 4541

Join a welcoming, inclusive and vibrant community.

Here at St Benet’s we are known for offering a range of authentic, memorable and traditional services, which are enjoyed by all. Our services are beautiful and many people come back to experience the beauty of our traditional, authentic and memorable services. We are the only church in the area to have a choir of professional musicians and that means that the services we offer here are enriched by their beautiful music; put simply our services have that extra special something. On Sundays when our Choir sing we serve canapés and drinks to all afterwards – for free! These are a great way to try St Benet’s and to get to know others in the area.