St Stephen, Gloucester Road, South Kensington

Place: South Kensington
Diocese: London
Parish Priest: Fr Reg Bushau
Address: St. Stephen’s Church
Gloucester Road
W8 5PU

St Augustine’s belongs to the Parish of Saint Alphage, Burnt Oak

Phone: 020 7370 3418

Assistant clergy

Fr John Hunter

St. Stephen’s Church is in South Kensington’s tourist and museum district. For nearly 150 years it has served the needs of the local community and visitors from all over the world.

St. Stephen’s is in the catholic tradition of the Church of England and its worship reflects the importance of putting God at the centre of all that we do, using all the many gifts of God’s creation to beauty the liturgy and raise our hearts and minds to God.

Our common life has the Sunday Morning Solemn Mass at its centre. Here, we encounter God in scripture and sacrament, in prayer and worship, in community and fellowship. Here we are fed on God’s own life and made ready to serve in his name.

St. Stephen’s is part of Forward in Faith and is under the pastoral care of the Bishop of Fulham. While traditional in worship and orthodox in teaching, the preaching is down to earth and the community seeks to both serve and challenge the world around us and the church to which we belong. We welcome all who wish to join us.