St Paul's New Southgate

Posted on the 27th Jun 2017 in the category Events

“Every nation and people and tribe and language…” (Rev. 7v9)

On Trinity Sunday, the Bishop of Fulham went to St. Paul’s, New Southgate (a Fulham parish) where 4 adults (including two converts from Islam) and 15 children were confirmed, 8 adults and children were baptised and 58 adults and children were commissioned as Ambassadors. There were 8 different countries represented just in the backgrounds of our baptism and confirmation candidates; taken together with the wider congregation, at least 14 countries were represented. Little wonder Bishop Jonathan observed that, although it was Trinity Sunday, with all these nations represented, together with a wide spread of ages from toddlers to those in their ninth decade, we were witnessing a truly “Pentecost moment”! This was truly inclusive church.