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St Hilda, Crofton Park

Place Crofton Park
Diocese Southwark
Parish Priest Fr Stuart Bates

St Hilda's Vicarage

35 Buckthorne Road



Phone 020 8699 1277
Website www.sainthildas.org

Saint Hilda’s is the Church of England  Parish Church of  Crofton Park (north).  As a diverse congregation we are  reaching out to the future  representing the world as it becomes a global community.  Worship and Teaching is  within the ‘Catholic Tradition’ of the Church of England;  we seek to   preserve the liberal hearted attitude redolent of  the national church at its best.   Worship is ceremonial  and colourful  to feed body, mind and spirit, and so  outward signs  ansd ceremonies  proclaim our beleif  that Jesus is Son of God who lived to set others free and empower us to live to the highest we can.  As  we lift him up as  Our Lord and Saviour  we beleive he  is lifting us up  and revealing his living and real  presence in the offering of the Eucharist  Sunday by Sunday.